When to Sell a House – The 4 Seasons Compared


Selling a House in Spring:

Spring is a great time to sell a home!

  • Gardens are in bloom
  • There’s plenty of good light and mild weather
  • Properties look their best
  • The market is full with buyers

Spring is a pretty up-beat time of year. In good weather buyers are more prepared to go house hunting.

Also, many families look to match their purchase with the end of the school year.

Selling a House in Summer:

High summer has never been the best time to sell a house (especially a family one).

School Holidays are the big reason for this. Entertaining kids leaves little time for house hunting.

Plus, everyone else goes away on holiday. This peaks around August and the market dies.

If you have to sell a house in the summer, try to get it on the market as early as possible.

If your home is not on the market by early July you’ll be putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Selling a House in Autumn:

Autumn has always been a good time to sell a house.

However, it’s not as good as the Jan – July period. Still, if you’re trying to sell in late Sept or Oct you’ve nothing to worry about.

Remember though, nobody wants to move over Christmas so don’t leave coming to market too late.

After the 2nd week of November buyers, like bears, tend to go into hibernation.

Selling a House in Winter:

Winter is definitely not the ideal time to sell. We would actively discourage anyone trying to sell a house towards the back-end of December.

If you can hold out for the New Year you’ll put your sale in a much better position.