Add a Touch of Turquoise to Your Home

Here are some tips for adding touches of turquoise to your home

1.) Turquoise in the dining room is unexpected and lovely. You can find inexpensive porcelain or china at any antique shop and paint over it for a beautiful place setting like the one below. Just make sure to use paint and glazes that are food safe!

2.) If you don’t want to change your room’s entire color scheme, simple turquoise accents are subtle yet still eye-catching. Add elegant vases, wispy curtains or other turquoise accents to instantly brighten any room.

3.) As some of the above photos show, turquoise and white are a delicate and beautiful combination (there’s a reason why Tiffany’s chose those two colors for their famous packaging after all!) However, it’s fun to experiment with other pairings too: turquoise and red might at first seem to be clashing colors, but when done correctly the duo can be unexpectedly perfect.